100 Bears

100Bears by Magoli Bardos by Magali Bardos

published 2014 by Flying Eye Books 100Bears by Magoli Bardos Let me introduce you to Flying Eye Books, if you aren’t already pals with them. Their books are fairly new to me, but are consistently striking and interesting and a different sort of fare than some more commercial offerings. 

Case in point: this post by Danielle Davis over at This Picture Book Life (you know her, right? Her posts are a work of art and always a celebration of the picture book form. I’m lucky to know her in real life, not just on the internet.) and this look at their current season (and an interview!) by Travis Jonker 100Bears by Magoli Bardos 100 Bears is a counting book with some actual narrative to it. The pace starts off sweetly but then 9 gunshots and an escape leads to a madhouse of 23 knocked over chairs and 37 or 38 bits of confetti. Such trouble a few bears can get into! Some teensy text flaws swim around in that lost-in-translation sea, but there is some real satisfaction in a circular counting story with 100 moving parts. The smile you’ll get from the first and last pages alone is one of the true joys of story. 100Bears by Magoli Bardos A design technique shown off so spectacularly here is spot color. That’s when a single color is printed at a time, and so the process gets layered (and tricky!) by rolling down the building blocks of a print on the same lithograph. You won’t see gradients or blended color, just blocks of hue. (Here’s a little more about the process, from author/illustrator Greg Pizzoli.)

And why does the cover catch your eye? It’s more than a circus style balancing act of big old bears and their blocky numbers. It’s that complementary color scheme. Blue and orange. With a splash of pink for some oh, yes.

And so what is this thing? I’m not too sure, and I don’t really care! It’s like a coffee table book for the sippy cup set. Enjoy it, for sure. 100Bears by Magoli Bardos P.S. – Crazy for spot color? Stay tuned and hear again from the master himself, Greg Pizzoli. Coming up soon on Design of the Picture Book!


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    Count me as one of those “crazy for spot color” people. LOVED Greg Pizzoli’s Watermelon Seed. Greg’s discussion makes me want to dust off the silkscreen I constructed in art school–such a satisfying process.

    100 Bears looks like a visual delight. Thanks, as always, for the expert commentary, Carter!

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    Thank you, Bonnie! Always learning and looking.

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    what a beautiful book! I’m a big spot color fan. Definitely adding this one to my library queue

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    Wanna slurp this book up! The use of color reminds me a lot of one of my favs, Chris Haughton.

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    The colors!! The bears!! Flying Eye is delightful and this book is so perfectly you. (Also, thanks one zillion for shout out—you’re nice.)

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    This looks like a book my boys would love. I just put it on hold at our library, so hopefully we’ll be enjoying it soon!

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    Hello Carter, i just wanted to say dat the blog is a delight for the eye and i may say i’m a hugh fan of childrens books. “100 Bears” is just the book my little boy would like to read. So keep up the good work. Thanks. Greetings from Holland, Bloggendemam.

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