Monthly Archives: October 2011

Grandpa Green

Lane Smith again.  Lane Smith PLUS an elephant on the cover? I’ll be that melting puddle in the corner, don’t mind me. He was born a really long time ago, before computers or cell phones or television. Grandpa Green’s memories are carved into his garden, and his great grandkid, the storyteller, learns all about him […]

The Yellow Umbrella

Quiet books, sleepy books, rainy day books…things are getting awfully cozy up in here. Burbank is finally shifting away from an unbearable valley summer, and I’m welcoming my scarves and boots back into the mix. Holler-lujah. Say the word umbrella. No really. Out loud. Three or four times. Why? A) Because it’s a crazy fun […]

A Book Of Sleep

Darn you, quiet books. I think I am falling in love. This wide-awake owl graces the cover of Il Sung Na‘s darling A Book of Sleep. He doesn’t look very sleepy. Poor guy. I hope he has some nocturnal buddies to roam around with at night. When the sky grows dark and the moon glows […]

All the World

Truth be told, All the World  slowly, steadily, and forcefully weaseled its way into my heart. It was not love at first sight. My problem? I love loud. I gravitate towards picture books that are rambunctious and kooky and fast paced. But once I shut up enough, I heard this beautiful lullaby of a story. […]

Black on White

Tana Hoban‘s board and concept books have been in the hands of bitty ones since 1970. This particular one, Black on White, is page after page of (duh) black and white images. Some are simpler than others, and most are basic objects already familiar to kids. Plus, can you ever go wrong with an elephant? […]

Snow White in New York

I took a field trip this week, and had a flashback to 5th grade, when my brave father chaperoned our trip to Washington, D.C. Because he was a MAN, he got the boy group. And me. Andy Duggan brought a whoopee cushion and Brec Carson tried to pick up a moon rock from its pedestal. […]


Brontorina, written by James Howe and illustrated by Randy Cecil, is a fun romp through big old Brontorina’s desire to be a ballerina. But she is a dinosaur, she is too big, and she does not have the right shoes. Madame Lucille invites her to the dance studio anyway, and much to everyone’s surprise, Brontorina […]

Follow The Line

If you were worried about me ripping apart books before, you should call the book police on me now. No really. {#OccupyTheLibrary.} Laura Ljungkvist’s spreads in this book are just. too. genius. to be kept inside a book cover. Once upon a time my walls were plastered with NKOTB posters, and now I’m threatening with picture […]

Bruno Munari’s ABC

If I believed in ripping out book pages {gasp} and destroying the portable bundled art {shock}, and had children of my own {awe…aww//get it?!}, I would demolish the living daylights out of this book and plaster the walls with the pictures. <Collecting myself. I am a composed and responsible adult. I am a composed and […]

Iggy Peck, Architect

Iggy Peck, Architect is my new favorite-must-be-on-top-of-the-book-pile picture book. I’m four years late to the Iggy Peck party, but better late than never, right? Maybe they saved me some leftovers. Written in lilting and whimsical rhyme by Andrea Beaty and illustrated by the quirky and grin-inducing David Roberts, Iggy Peck is now up there on […]