Monthly Archives: November 2011

The Serif Fairy

Rene Siegfried’s The Serif Fairy is not your traditional picture book, but I found it utterly charming. The poor little Serif Fairy has lost one of her wings and without it, she can do no magic. So she sets off through the Garamond Forest to the Zenetar Gate, from Futura City to the depths of […]

Little Blue and Little Yellow

Little Blue and Little Yellow, by Leo Lionni is one of those books that just feels good to hold and read and experience. It’s the story that launched his incredible career in childrens’ books, and remains today a masterpiece. Its birth was unusual and special. Leo Lionni was riding the train with his young grandchildren, […]

Paul Thurlby’s Alphabet

Still in a food coma? Feast your eyes on this instead. Paul Thurlby is a British illustrator with a bold, retro, and textural graphic style. And I can’t get enough. Check out his Flickr page for more goodies. This is an ABC book with panache and wonder.¬†Unfold the dust jacket for a poster of all […]

Perfect Square

Here’s a fun one. Makes me want to grab the scissors and glue and hole punch and recreate the whole thing. Michael Hall¬†brilliantly squishes so much emotion into one lonely red square. …So much that I fist pumped into the empty air when I read this book on the floor of Vroman’s. Seriously. Fist pumped […]

Picture Book Month 2011 Teaser

Duck! Rabbit!

It’s a rainy morning in beautiful downtown Burbank. (I hopped over to YouTube to find a clip of Johnny Carson’s description of “beautiful downtown Burbank,” and realized Burbank is named after a dentist?!! A dentist? Ew.) Anyway, it’s a morning perfect for a second cup of coffee, NFL RedZone, and slippers from a hotel in […]

The Heart and the Bottle

by Oliver Jeffers. I love Oliver Jeffers. Mostly because he’s an incredible writer and illustrator, but also because he rocks a sweet mustache. And because he signs his double Fs just like I make my double Gs. Kindreds. Once there was a girl, much like any other, Whose head was filled with all the curiosities […]

Picture Book Month 2011 Trailer

You saw that amazing trailer first thing yesterday morning, right? The one that you woke up early to watch? And then proceeded to watch eight more times in rapid succession, until you could pry your eyes away from the action to tweet about it? The one that gave you chills and made your pulse race […]

The Conductor

I’m trying to not get stressed out that I just ruined my every other day posting streak. I’m hopelessly addicted to routine. {It’s Sunday, which means I’ve had spin class, scrambled eggs, and coffee and am settling in to some football. I don’t know that much about football but I love beating boys at their […]

For Just One Day

For Just One Day by Laura Leuck, illustrated by Marc Boutavant. For just one day, I’d like to be A busy, buzzing bumble…BEE! What child can’t relate to that? Heck, even I can. {My cousin Mollie once said she wanted to be a tree when she grew up. She’s an elementary school teacher now. Rooted, […]