Monthly Archives: December 2011

Bee & Bird

Bee & Bird by the delightful Craig Frazier is a surprising and grin-inducing read. Every time. And each time may be a different read for you depending on the perspective you take and the story you see. Intrigued? You should be. Bee & Bird is a bright and bold wordless picture book. Each illustration is […]

Pomelo Begins To Grow

December is pulling a disappearing act. Please slow down, December. I haven’t had enough eggnog yet. Still looking for a few books to slide under the tree? This one, illustrated by Benjamin Chaud and written by Ramona Badescu, is so pretty that you won’t even need wrapping paper. As Pomelo went on his way one […]

The Cat At Night

I have no idea how I missed Dahlov Ipcar’s The Cat at Night as a kid and as a librarian, but loving this one late is certainly better than never. A lady likely as charming as her books, Dahlov Ipcar once said she didn’t want fame, just “to be recognized.” But what does the cat […]

A Few Blocks

A Few Blocks by Cybele Young is my new favorite. Natalia Ortega-Brown of A Picture Book A Day recently recommended it to me, and she was SO RIGHT that I would love it. Ferdie, in typical baby brother style, does not want to go to school today. Or maybe ever again. His big sister Viola sweetly encourages him […]


Over the weekend, I had the huge honor of attending the Big Sur Writing Workshop held by the Andrea Brown Literary Agency and it. was. wow. The redwoods, the wild roaming turkeys, the Route 1 cliffs above the Pacific…a perfect setting to do some serious work. Mark my words, one day, I will highlight my […]