Monthly Archives: January 2012

Bruno Munari’s Zoo

{Bruno Munari’s Zoo, originally printed in 1963} Every single day people find this blog by searching Bruno Munari. You people have stellar taste. How about a look at this one? This book is interesting and mysterious before the words of the story even begin. Flamingos know they are beautiful and strange, and play at symmetry. […]

I Want My Hat Back {the preview}

This Twitter exchange today made me wobble in my knees a little bit: THE Jon Klassen replied to my tweet? On an enormous award-winning day? Yeah, I squealed a bit. I’ve been planning a post for I Want My Hat Back this week, and have had a hard time putting its perfection into words that […]

Dinosaur Mardi Gras Trailer

Remember the Picture Book Month trailer? Once upon a time, Dianne de Las Casas and I decided to team up again to celebrate the release of her vibrant picture book, Dinosaur Mardi Gras. Once upon a time is NOW. If you like oviraptors, doubloons, parade floats and jazzy tunes, you will LOVE Dinosaur Mardi Gras. […]

Actual Size

Steve Jenkins’ concept for Actual Size is simple. Showcase creatures at their actual size. Truly. Right there on the cover is a teeny pygmy mouse that fits just snug up against a gorilla thumb.Smaller animals fit nicely in the frame, but some are way too massive to fit in the confines of the book’s pages. […]


LMNO Peas by Keith Baker is a clever and fun romp through the alphabet. But these are no mushy boring peas; each one is busy and has a very specific job to do. The  A peas are acrobats, the  I’s are inventors, and the P peas are painters, poets, and plumbers. Even though it’s a fast […]

The Little Yellow Leaf

The Little Yellow Leaf by the amazing Carin Berger has been a favorite for a while. A few springs ago, I decided I was going to read through the EASY section of the Burbank Public Library. I think I got to C before I dumped that resolution. Good thing Carin Berger is a B. It was autumn. […]


Another winner from the incomparable Suzy Lee. {And the Christmas present from my boyfriend that made me promise to never holler, “BUT YOU DON’T GET ME!” ever again.} This story is mainly wordless, and begins at the very, very beginning: the endpapers. The click of a lightbulb in a dark, dark attic creates an imaginary […]