Monthly Archives: February 2012

Symphony City

by Amy Martin I highly, HIGHLY recommend clicking over to Amy’s website. She has beautiful work everywhere you look, including some wordless spreads from Symphony City. Her style commands attention while still being sweet and subtle. {I particularly enjoy the Alphabet of Los Angeles. Taco Truck!} And I’m eyeballing one of her prints for my […]

The House In The Night

Written by Susan Marie Swanson + Illustrated by Beth Krommes, and winner of the 2009 Caldecott Medal Here is the key to the house. In the house burns a light. This book is just plain stunning. No other words will describe it as well. The words are sparse and poetic, and the scratchboard patterns of […]

Book Trailer Winner!

Congratulations to… REBECCA FYFE! Rebecca, I will be in touch and we can work together WHENEVER you are ready! Thanks to all who entered, and I look forward to working with you at some point!

Once Upon a Twice

{Just a couple days left in my BOOK TRAILER GIVEAWAY! Check out my guest post at Julie Hedlund’s blog for the details. Comments are over on the Book Trailer page.} by Denise Doyen and illustrated by Barry Moser. Once Upon a Twice has often been compared to the nonsensical verse of Lewis Carrol’s Jabberwocky. Quite a […]

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

It’s no secret how this story ends. You’ve heard it a million times. But have you ever seen look this remarkable? Jeremy Holmes is the graphic designer behind this book, and it’s so much fun to hold. It’s tall and thin, so even before you get to the story, you are already experiencing this book in […]

Willoughby and the Moon

by Greg Foley {I didn’t realize until today that I bought a signed copy from Hennessy + Ingalls. So cool.} Willoughby Smith could not sleep. Anxious, restless Willoughby discovers that the moon is just outside his bedroom door, and quickly comes to the rescue of a snail who can’t find his favorite silver ball. The […]

The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics

by Norton Juster, who rocks a fishing vest with mad style. How do I know? I saw him in person: …and had him sign this smart love story for my own love story. When you are part of a couple who prioritizes Jeopardy! and does math problems on diner napkins for fun, this book matters. […]

I Want My Hat Back

This book. These tweets. That bear. Irresistible. I Want My Hat Back swooped in fiercely this fall and won my heart big time. My hat is gone. I want it back. The cover and those first lines above say it all. That poor wide eyed bear just wants his hat. Have YOU seen it? One by […]