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Oh No, George!

I love this book. I love lots and lots of books, but I really love this book. Chris Haughton is the author/illustrator of Oh No, George! and he’s especially awesome because he tweeted me this link once: You’re welcome. Anyway. George is just as dear as Denver and Macy. He just loves cake so much! And dirt! […]

Huff & Puff

Some girls love Ryan Gosling, I crush on Abrams Books. (Hippopposites?…Abrams!) When I read this post, all I could muster in the comments section was, “WOW.” Seriously. Scroll down, that’s all I could say. {Fun fact: Chad Beckerman, who wrote that post and designed Huff & Puff, also designed another favorite, Iggy Peck: Architect. And his […]


This book is lame. You absolutely do not want to add it to your library. I am not one single bit of a goofball. Wait, what? by Janik Coat Opposite Day, clearly. But really? This book is SO AMAZING I WANT TO SHOUT OUT FROM THIS DUSTY VALLEY AND GO PET A HIPPO! AND KEEP […]


So many beautiful things have been said in the last few days about the unshakeable and ever impressive Maurice Sendak. I don’t have many to add. Just a thank you for respecting our childhood enough to hold up a mirror and reflect it back to us indefinitely. Even long after we have  become grumpy, frightened […]

Picture Book Month Celebrates Moms!

This is for moms and all who love them! Grab the embed codes and share with your favorite mom!

Me Want Pet

Me love Tammi Sauer. Me love Bob Shea. You love book now. Cave Boy had lots of things. Rocks. Sticks. A club. But no pet. “Me sad,” said Cave Boy. “Want pet.” Me love colors. Desaturated. Dusty. Me feel like part of family. Me love lines. Animated. Anxious. Me love boldness. Me love endpapers. Me […]

Beautiful Oops

Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltsberg Do you have a minute and 21 seconds? Watch this and experience the book for yourself: OOPS! A torn piece of paper… Is just the beginning! This book is a perfect design display of texture. Each page, each oops is rich and bold and begs to be touched. The distinction […]