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Dragon and The Dangerous Princess – A Blog Tour! (with Dashka Slater and Jim Averbeck)

Raise your hand if you are way not finished with holiday shopping! Raise your other hand if you love books! Now wave those hands Rocky style cause I’ve got something fantastic for you. Allow me to scoot over and introduce you to Dashka Slater and Jim Averbeck. They are pals and they are awesome. I […]

Robot Zombie Frankenstein!

by Annette Simon I am kookoo crazy bonkers for this book. Like, we’re talking nuts. When I opened this book at the Candlewick Booth at ALA this summer and saw THOSE ENDPAPERS, I did this move: slam the book shut, say ‘no.way.’ about a billion times, and make my eyeballs about five times their normal […]

Boy + Bot {giveaway!}

It’s no super big secret that I love this book. And I adore Ame Dyckman. (She tweets about squirrels! And blanket forts! And puns!) So when she had an item up for bids at Jen Malone’s Hurricane Sandy auction, I raised my paddle a few times. Poor Ame will have to muddle her way through […]

Andrew Drew And Drew

Are you a sketcher? A doodler? A drawer? (As in draw-er, not dresser!) If so, you just may see yourself in this crafty, clever book. This is a fairly new release from my fairly new friend, Barney Saltzberg. Whether you have a tiny imagination that needs some calisthenics, or a huge-mongous, uncontrollable one, meet Andrew. […]

I’m PiBoIdMo-ing

Not only is it Picture Book Month, but it’s also PiBoIdMo! Would you believe Tara Lazar let me loose to post on her blog? Come on over and gobblefunk with me!

Picture Book Month

This is near and dear to me. Celebrate with us at and tweet with the hashtag #picturebkmonth!

Backseat A-B-See

by Maria van Lieshout What you can’t see from this picture is the texture of the spine. It feels like canvas, maybe? And the front and back cover are offset from it a bit? So many question marks. So not familiar with the intricacies of bookmaking! Point is…it’s a nice touch. (BAD PUN ALERT!) But […]

Alice In Wonderland

by Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver If you’re nursing a Halloween hangover, try this eye candy instead. (Too easy?!) Still. Confectionary colors, a delight on the eyes. So obviously then, a beautiful celebration of hue. And all wrapped around the familiar story of Alice In Wonderland. Ha! Bitty black patent leathers sticking out of the […]