Monthly Archives: February 2013

Color + Colors

I have no children. I have board books. Is this weird? Maybe. But these in particular are little graphic design studies. I will not literally try to chew them, but they are definitely droolworthy. Do you know Alexander Girard? He was a midcentury designer, specializing in color and textiles. I’m crazy about the Nativity set […]

Sleep Like a Tiger

written by Mary Logue; illustrated by Pamela Zagarenski {published 2012, by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt} So you have to do a couple things for me. First, dash off to the library for a copy of this book. Better yet – the bookstore, cause you probably won’t want to give it back. And then visit the always delightful […]

Fish On A Walk

by Eva Muggenthaler {published 2012, by Enchanted Lion Books} I’ve mentioned my bookshelf issues before, right? As in not nearly enough space to put all the books? In my head, picture books are so skinny! They’ll take up no space at all, right? But rather than on shelves, I have stacks. Everywhere. Well, this book bowled […]

Weekendy Bits

Do you know Anatole? What a dear little mouse. I wrote about him over at Design Mom, where I am the Book Editor — have I told you? It’s so much fun — like being the librarian of a little corner of the internet or something way awesome like that. You can check out all of my […]