Monthly Archives: May 2013

Round Trip

by Ann Jonas {published 1983, by Greenwillow Books, an imprint of Harper Collins} I remember the cover, the texture, and the feeling of checking out a handful of books from Mrs. Marks at the Ridge Elementary School library. Not that I only checked out a handful, but some are so ingrained you could drop a […]

Design is a Dandelion

by Janice Lovoos {published 1966, by Golden Gate Junior Books} I was in Seattle a few weeks ago. You remember the library, right? I went to Pike Place Market, because of course, but also because flying fish and dudes in galoshes are a spectacle worth checking out. And I also wanted to get up close […]

The Watermelon Seed and an interview with Greg Pizzoli

by Greg Pizzoli {published 2013, by Disney Hyperion} I’ve been looking forward to this book for a long time, mostly because that cover is SPECTAZZLING. But also cause I follow Greg Pizzoli on Twitter, where he is clever and quippy and shares things like THE ENDPAPERS. And then this is what the publisher teased us with, […]

The Enduring Ark

by Joydeb Chitakrar and Gita Wolf {published 2013, by Tara Books} Get ready. You may never have seen anything like this before. Have you ever read something that you feel like should be in a museum and not in your hands? And then you realize that’s the whole point of the perfection and portability of picture […]