Monthly Archives: June 2013

Frog & Friends, Owl & Friends

 by Joyce Wan {published 2013, by Penguin Young Readers Group} Here’s the thing. I adore Joyce Wan! I wrote about her here! And here. She’s a brilliant artist and a fun friend and I hope to be raising a glass with her at the SCBWI conference in LA in August! (Are you going?!)  And just […]

Zoobean {and a giveaway!}

Things have been short and sweet (and silent!) around these parts for a bit, but I am thrilled to bring you something short and sweet (and stupendous!) today! Have you heard the buzz about Zoobean?! Let me tell you! You know that kooky clown prank where you open a can and bouncy worms pop out? […]

THE MONSTORE {giveaway winner!}

Hello from vacation, where i found Peeper’s beach buddy! And surprise! I have two copies of The Monstore to give away! Congratulations to Julie Rowan Zoch and Lynne A. Davidson! You don’t even have to know the special knock, just email me with an address and Manfred and company will show up at your front […]

Baby Journal: The Story of…

by Yasmin Smail {published 2013, by Cicada Books} A small departure from picture books on this blog, making room for a book celebrating tiny arrivals! If you visit the online home of Cicada Books, you might have to do some jaw-lifting. Their eye towards the visual is a unique voice, and their books reflect that. […]

The Monstore and a conversation with Tara Lazar and James Burks

words by Tara Lazar, pictures by James Burks {published (TODAY!) 2013, by Simon & Schuster} I have been looking forward to this book for a very, very, very long time. As long as it took Manfred to grow into a big old red monster from just a wee thing. (And once you know him you […]