Monthly Archives: October 2013

Big and Small // Fast and Slow

by Britta Teckentrup {published 2013, by Barefoot Books} I just lost myself on Britta Teckentrup’s portfolio. Entirely charmed and swept away by every single piece. She’s new to me, and I’m happy to have flailed around in her brain for a bit. And it looks like I have a lot to catch up on! I […]

Paul Thurlby’s Wildlife

by Paul Thurlby {published 2013, by Templar} You know you have a book problem when you forget what lives in your piles. I bought this book when it pubbed back in March, and that tiger’s binocular’d glare stared me down the other day. I snatched it from the pile with the furious preying eyes of […]

Sweet and Shorts: That Purple Bird

This stained glass window lives in my library. I know. It changes color throughout the day and just makes me so happy. It reminds me that the dreary and dusty bits and cobwebbed corners won’t last forever. Have you read Aaron Becker’s Journey?¬†After a bunch of us read it together, a kid said, “I think […]

What Happens When . . .

by Delphine Chedru {published 2013 (in English), by Tate Publishing} I’ve been thinking a lot about visual storytelling lately. Well, I pretty much am always thinking about visual storytelling. And that’s why I was so tickled and touched by this book. Thanks to Rebecca at Sturdy for Common Things for introducing me to this lovely […]

Open This Little Book

written by Jesse Klausmeier, illustrated by Suzy Lee {published 2013, by Chronicle Books}Did you see that teensy update on my bio over there? I took out the former, cause I’m back to the library, y’all. It’s such a dream. My natural habitat. I see students for the first time next week, and have been anxious […]

Sparkle and Spin

By Ann and Paul Rand {originally published 1957 by Harcourt, Brace, and World. Reprinted 2006 by Chronicle Books.} Sometimes pictures are just that: eye-catching and whimsical, without being packed with meaning or message. That spirit dances across the page in Sparkle and Spin, written by Ann Rand and illustrated by her husband Paul. Paul Rand […]