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Homer Henry Hudson’s Curio Museum and and interview with Zack Rock

by Zack Rock (Creative Editions, 2014) Zack Rock and I haunt some of the same circles on the internet. I have a tshirt with his work on it thanks to Vintage Kids’ Books My Kid Loves (how cool is that header?), and I have long admired his work thanks to some tea time at Seven Impossible […]


Here’s what back to school looks like for me. Send good vibes, please! And a special shout out to Jess Keating for alerting me to dementors in the library. (Have you read her book yet?!) Speaking of Jess, she was one of ten winners from this giveaway a ways back. Thanks for waiting this one […]

The Wonderful Egg and an interview with Flying Eye Books

(image here.) by Dahlov Ipcar (Flying Eye Books, 2014; originally published 1958.) The great folks at Flying Eye sent me this book a while back, and I’ve been staring at it for weeks. Months. It’s enchanting. And simple. And complex. And a huge restoration effort, which was a bit mind-blowing to understand. That’s why I […]

Flashlight and an interview with Lizi Boyd

by Lizi Boyd (Chronicle Books, 2014.) I really love Lizi Boyd’s work. It’s this perfect mix of oh, of course and oh, I never. Once upon a time I wrote about Inside Outside over on Design Mom, and I’ve been looking forward to this new book for a good while. It’s a great thing to have […]

In Mary’s Garden: Cover Reveal

So this is a huge treat because I don’t think I have done a cover reveal on this blog before! If you’ve got to start somewhere, I’d suggest something spectacular. And that’s what I have for you. A few weeks ago, I tweeted this: Tina and Carson Kugler have created a masterpiece in this book. […]

How to Hide a Lion

How to Hide a Lion (Henry Holt, 2013. Originally published 2012 in the UK.) by Helen Stephens   One hot day, a lion strolled into town to buy a hat. Of course he did. That frilly blue thing in the window is pretty fancy after all. This beast only has eyes for that bonnet, and […]