Monthly Archives: November 2014

Chronicle Books #GiveBooks 2014

Adorable #GiveBooks illustration by the super talented¬†Lisa Congdon. I am super proud and excited to be a part of this campaign. What’s the deal, you ask? It’s as simple as that: #GiveBooks. Pledge to promote literacy, support your local bookstore, and spread the joy of reading this holiday season. For each tweet, pin, pledge, and […]

The Mouse Mansion

by Karina Schaapman (Dial, 2014; originally published in the Netherlands in 2011.) This book. This book is massive and mini all at once. Its press release calls it Beatrix Potter meets I Spy. A fitting description, that one, but I might call it George and Martha meets The Ultimate Alphabet meets a¬†craftier Cardboard Challenge. This […]

Live in a Story

You guys. I’m so excited about this. You remember Arree Chung, right? The dude is a complete genius. He and a few friends started a company recently called Live in a Story, and the whole shebang is pretty brilliant. Here I am in my Maxwell gear with one of Live in a Story’s wall decals. […]