Monthly Archives: March 2015


by Nikki McClure (Abrams, 2015) This is one of those books where the cover convinces you that you’ll love it. It’s both bright and cozy. Spare and warm. A teensy giraffe peeks out of this boy’s hiding spot and you can see its smiling face, but only eager anticipation in this boy’s eyes. Open. This is my kind of […]

Book-O-Beards: A Wearable Book

by Donald Lemke and Bob Lentz Guys. So if book-gifting isn’t a thing for April Fool’s Day, then it totally should be. These books aren’t a joke, but they are a huge bunch of laughs. Here they are in action: How funny is that? Such clever design. A perfect accessory. Hipster popularity aside, these punchy […]

The Art of Making Gelato

by Morgan Morano (Race Point Publishing, 2015) And now for a little something different. And delicious. Last week we spent a bit of time in Paris, so won’t you join me in Italy? It’s only a hop, skip, and a spoon away. I’m not the only author in this family. Our cousin Morgan is a […]

Tricky Vic: The Impossibly True Story of the Man Who Sold the Eiffel Tower

by Greg Pizzoli (Viking, 2015) I’ve read lots and lots and lots of books for kids. I’ve read lots of questionable ones and I’ve read lots of spectacular ones. And then I’ve read a handful that are simultaneously spectacular and fresh and inventive and completely honor how smart kids are. This is one of those. You might know Greg […]

Cat Says Meow (and a giveaway!)

by Michael Arndt (Chronicle Books, 2014) This book won me over when I saw it last year, and it’s one that is fun to peek into again and again. And how is that the case with something so simple, but so sophisticated? So spare, but so complex? That’s the best truth of design. Here’s what’s […]