Monthly Archives: June 2015

The Slant Book

by Peter Newell (Tuttle Publishing, 2001; originally published in 1910) This book hopped back on my radar during my 2014 visit to the NYPL’s exhibit, The ABCs of it: Why Children’s Books Matter. (Check out the second to last picture in that post for cold, hard proof.) It’s strange and silly and a playful use of […]

Summer Reading 2015

How about some summer reading lists? I made these for school, and the caveat is that books are for whoever wants to read them, so take the age ranges with a grain or two of salt. These were books we’ve loved over the year, and ones I think they would like based on our billions […]


by Jo Empson (Child’s Play, 2012) Here’s a book that’s deceptively simple in text, in color, in motion. An average rabbit, doing average rabbity things. White space, dark spot illustrations. Calm and steady. But then. The page turn is the miraculous pacing tool for the picture book, and this one is a masterpiece. Swiftly, from the […]