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Beyond the Pond + an interview with Joseph Kuefler

by Joseph Kuefler (Balzer + Bray, 2015) Settle in for snippets of story so goosebumpy you’ll think the pages just paper-sliced your soul in two. It is an honor to introduce you to Joseph Kuefler and his gorgeous debut, Beyond the Pond. I love every single word he’s spilled out to us here. Enjoy! Can […]

Young Charlotte, Filmmaker

by Frank Viva (MoMA Publications, 2015) So this is a super cool book. It’s part MoMA history, part this funky young visionary’s story. Look at her camera perched by her side! Her confident gaze directly into the reader’s eye! A nearly animated cover where the bittiest blocks of color almost blink! One of the things that […]

All the Wonders

    Have you ever read a book and wanted to squeeze every ounce of celebration out of it you could? Talk about it, sing about it, read it over and over, learn about its creator, make stuff? We did too. We’re launching soon, but in the meantime watch this space. Or join us on […]

Rabbit Seeds

by Bijou Le Tord (Four Winds Press, 1984) Did you know I am a school librarian? I’m in my third year, at my second school, and have done it for about a decade with a break for graphics in between. Hashtag old. And speaking of old, that’s what my current school is. That’s great for […]

Coco and the Little Black Dress

by Annemarie Van Haeringen (available 10/1/15, NorthSouth Books) Here’s a fun book: a stylish story both in look and in theme. That cover, the signature shape of Chanel No. 5, juxtaposed not-so-glamourously with a girl scrubbing floors in a raggish kind of dress. The title, a crash course in fashion. Coco Chanel. This book was […]


by Sonia Goldie and Marc Boutavant (Enchanted Lion, 2013) If you listened to my conversation with Matthew Winner and Julie Falatko on the Let’s Get Busy podcast this week, you might have heard me say something like, “the books keep coming.”  It’s true, and this book is a perfect example of that. I’m a big […]

Best Books Ever + Instagram

Guess what? I love many more books than I have blog posts here, so join me over at Instagram for more books, snaps, and snippets. And! It’s time for another round of Best Books Ever! It’s always an honor to be invited to Matthew Winner’s Let’s Get Busy podcast with Julie Falatko, and this conversation is a fun […]