Monthly Archives: March 2016

A Tree is Nice

by Janice May Udry and pictures by Marc Simont (HarperCollins, 1987, originally published in 1956) I’ve always loved this girl. Hand on her hop, watering her tree. She’s totally oblivious to the rapscallions behind her, that dog and that cat. And even that tall tree back there. Her eyes hope only for this one. Do you see […]

Apples and Robins

by Lucie Félix (Chronicle Books, 2016) Here’s a book that is also a puzzle, an optical illusion, and a little bit toy-like all at once. Here’s what I mean. So, then, a birdhouse: one small circle, two parallelograms, and a die-cut triangle. Or walls and a roof and a string, of course. Isn’t that what […]

The Friendship Experiment meets A Rambler Steals Home

The thing with publishing is that it’s always going to be easier (and more fun!) to navigate if you have some people by your side. The thing with those people is that you didn’t know you would become friends, but you did. I feel super lucky to have bumped into Erin Teagan along this road. We […]