Monthly Archives: July 2017

Colette’s Lost Pet

by Isabelle Arsenault (Tundra Books, 2017) A new kid. A mission. A teensy, tiny fib. This story could have ended so much differently–preachy or didactic or womp womp. And yet here, it’s a seed that sprouts a shared experience. That grows friends and imaginations and oh yes I have seen that bird. But here, the neighborhood […]

Nerdcamp + #emojibooktalks

my first book / my next book / All the Wonders buttons The past week has been one big book-y blur. And every bit of it was so wonderful. I went to Nerdcamp in Michigan, which was a pinch me kind of week. The internet literally came to life right before my eyes, and tiny square avatars […]

Life on Mars

by Jon Agee (Dial Books, 2017) The trickiest thing to get right in a picture book is its drama between the words and the pictures. Its theatrics. Its page-turning-suspense. Jon Agee is so very good at this. Always, and Life on Mars is not an exception. This brave little astronaut heads to Mars. With a […]