A Long Way Away

ALongWayAway Do you remember Frank Viva’s Along a Long Road? I love it so much that I wrote about it here and for Design Mom. It’s a favorite. This weekend I picked up his latest, A Long Way Away, and it’s just as much a favorite.

(That reminds me: Do you know Brian Regan’s little league joke? With the snow cones? That’s what these two books are like for me – grape and cherry.)


On Design Mom lately, Happy and The Crows of Pearblossom.

My dear friend Julie Falatko and her PiBoIdMo success story!

I love everything about Betsy Bird’s review of Linda Urban’s utterly gorgeous The Center of Everything. Have you read it yet?

And a PS! Are you heading to SCBWI this weekend? Say hi if so! I look like that picture up there except with a haircut.



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    I just found a book at the library that made me think of you (well, not you, but your love of books with interesting design!): I am Blop by Herve Tullet.

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    Oh yes, I’ve seen it! So adorable! Did you love it!?

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    I didn’t love-love-love it, but I liked it a lot and was really intrigued by the design, length, layout, the little mini stories inside…There’s a lot happening in that book!

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    Not familiar with that book — will have to check it out. It looks intriguing.

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    Хорошо! Но ваша улыбка, лучше. :)