A Long Way From You – Book Trailer

How about a book trailer?

I recently had the privilege to read (!) a sweet contemporary YA about love and friendship and dreams and art and Texas and New York City and it was just absolutely delightful. Kitsy Kidd is the kind of girl I would have madly wanted to befriend in high school. The author, Gwendolyn Heasley, is just as wonderful as Kitsy, and you should probably-definitely-right-away check her out as well.

Check out the trailer, and mark your calendars for June 5.

Fun, right?!

This book was a really fun package on which to tie a few design ribbons.

The opening scenes of the trailer reflect the book’s prologue, where we get a glimpse into Kitsy’s heart and motivations. I thought it would be fitting to reveal the pursuit of her dream with color, transforming from a bland and quiet past to the bright lights and colorful energy of NYC. Also, some of the later moments are a mixture of highly saturated photographic scenes and the same scene as portrayed in Kitsy’s sketchbook. She is an artist with both a pencil and a camera, so combining colors that way was a perfect fit.

I also wanted to nod to the title cards’ copy with the design element of shape.

If wishes can come true anywhere, it’s here.

But no matter how far you are from home, it always has a way of finding you.

That sentiment struck a clear visual with me, so the circle made a recurring appearance over the course of the trailer. As a subtle character, that shape reminded me of Kitsy’s journey, and her connections with home.

Don’t miss this book! Or Gwendolyn’s companion novel, Where I Belong. This summer, pour yourself a glass of lemonade, and pull up a chair on your front porch or penthouse balcony. Wherever you are, A Long Way From Home will be a good friend.


Something really great is coming on Monday. Something that has to do with this tweet and my unabashed love for these two:


Do YOU need a book trailer? Holler. I’d love to help.

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