Abe Lincoln’s Dream

abeLincolnsDream_coverby Lane Smith

published 2012, by Roaring Brook Press, an imprint of Macmillan

Check out this trailer. It sets up the book’s mood and pace with flawless grace.

breaker Lane Smith has done something really special here. It’s an evocative look at a legacy. A look back and a look forward. Steps taken and hope to go.

I love that a curly haired girl with brown skin is his host. Perhaps that was an obvious choice, but I think she’s more than an art direction. Her today is because of his past.

She is his recurring dream that he just can’t shake.DPB_Stack_AbeLincolnsDream1This is history and beauty, wrapped up in the whimsy that only Lane Smith can do. His textures add life to an already rich history. They are layers, individual parts to a whole life and a whole story.

Roses and lightning and cherry blossom branches frame panels of their journey. Different type for her thoughts and his. Different times, balanced and bridged. Lane Smith’s art is restrained and curious and playful all at once.  DPB_Stack_AbeLincolnsDream2  I can’t think of another storyteller who could handle this story with greater elegance. Art that both delights and informs, and words that are both playful and serious in tone. A masterpiece!



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    Oh my, stunning. I must buy this for my twins….

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    Love this book on so many levels. Lane Smith is a master of graphic design and storytelling.

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    You’re right, only Lane Smith could handle this multi leveled book with such grace, design and text. Thank you for this great post.

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    “Steps taken and hope to go.” So true. You’ve written a lovely review.

    I so admire the way Lane Smith handles complexity. Handles everything in this book! (And the storm scene in the trailer is my favorite.)

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    Ooh — I like this. Very unique way to present Abe Lincoln. I like Lane Smith.

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    What an absolutely fabulous book! Thanks!

  • leandrajwallace
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    I love Lincoln! There’s a desktop Lincoln statue that B&N sells(it even comes w/a black tophat) that I’ve been lusting after for awhile. Soon as I can really start w/a vengeance on my next wip(it takes place right before the Civil War) I think I’m going to buy it for inspiration! I have one Abe Lincoln book for the little guy so far, and I can never read it w/out getting teary-eyed. Yeah, I’m a dork! =)

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    Great, thanks for posting and Lane Smith is a favorite of mine!

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    Carter, this looks amazing. I’m so glad you brought it to our attention! I’ll definitely be checking this out 🙂

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    Wow! Kids will love this.

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    Elegance is exactly the right word, for both the story and the illustration!

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    So whimsical! I will have to find a copy for myself to see in person! Such an artistic portrayal.

    <3 Carsla
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    This work is amazing!!! Congratulations.