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Whatever Happened To My Sister?

by Simona Ciraolo (Flying Eye Books, 2015) Heads up, picture book people: I got to be a guest blogger for Picture Book Idea Month, hosted by Tara Lazar. Have you heard of it? Hope so. It gives all of us something to crowd around and celebrate while all those novelists are cranking out buckets of words. […]

Louis I, King of the Sheep

by Olivier Tallec (Enchanted Lion, 2015) Here’s a parable sort of story, one that reads like a cautionary tale but also has a richness to it that’s full of heart and angst and absurdity.  Because here’s a sheep, just like the other sheep except for the windblown crown that lands at his feet. Once stuck atop his head […]

All the Wonders + #littlelitbookseries

Well, hello! Happy Friday! My blog had a bit of a scraped-knee-and-bandaid-situation over the last week, so no new posts from me this week here. I’ll be back next week with a look at a blue-crowned ruler, a real thinker of a picture book. For now, how about some other stuff I’ve written around the […]

Tough Guys + an interview with Keith Negley

by Keith Negley (Flying Eye Books, 2015) Heads up, email subscribers: my blog took a bit of a tumble so I’m reposting what was lost in the shuffle. Apologies, and thank you for reading! The kind folks at Flying Eye sent over a preview of this book, thinking it was right up my alley. It’s right up my alley. […]

How to Outfox Your Friends When You Don’t Have a Clue + an interview with Jess Keating

by Jess Keating (Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, 2015) Heads up, email subscribers: my blog took a bit of a tumble so I’m reposting what was lost in the shuffle. Apologies, and thank you for reading! Sometimes you meet people on the internet who are instantly your kind of people. And all of a sudden they aren’t a […]

The Story of Diva and Flea + a giveaway

by Mo Willems and Tony DiTerlizzi (Disney Publishing, 2015) These duos, both Diva and Flea and Mo Willems and Tony DiTerlizzi: true friends. I love a good young chapter book, and this one is a real treat. Friends in Paris, small animals that shouldn’t be so sweet to one another, ribbons and shaggy hair and […]

Beyond the Pond + an interview with Joseph Kuefler

by Joseph Kuefler (Balzer + Bray, 2015) Settle in for snippets of story so goosebumpy you’ll think the pages just paper-sliced your soul in two. It is an honor to introduce you to Joseph Kuefler and his gorgeous debut, Beyond the Pond. I love every single word he’s spilled out to us here. Enjoy! Can […]

Young Charlotte, Filmmaker

by Frank Viva (MoMA Publications, 2015) So this is a super cool book. It’s part MoMA history, part this funky young visionary’s story. Look at her camera perched by her side! Her confident gaze directly into the reader’s eye! A nearly animated cover where the bittiest blocks of color almost blink! One of the things that […]

All the Wonders

    Have you ever read a book and wanted to squeeze every ounce of celebration out of it you could? Talk about it, sing about it, read it over and over, learn about its creator, make stuff? We did too. We’re launching soon, but in the meantime watch this space. Or join us on […]

Rabbit Seeds

by Bijou Le Tord (Four Winds Press, 1984) Did you know I am a school librarian? I’m in my third year, at my second school, and have done it for about a decade with a break for graphics in between. Hashtag old. And speaking of old, that’s what my current school is. That’s great for […]