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Cat Says Meow (and a giveaway!)

by Michael Arndt (Chronicle Books, 2014) This book won me over when I saw it last year, and it’s one that is fun to peek into again and again. And how is that the case with something so simple, but so sophisticated? So spare, but so complex? That’s the best truth of design. Here’s what’s […]

Home by Carson Ellis

by Carson Ellis (Candlewick, 2015) It’s a great honor to give you this first look at Carson’s own farmhouse in Oregon where she lives and creates, and some of the art and inspiration inside. Home is in stores today, so bring it to yours and enjoy. There’s plenty more to ponder in this volume of homes, and I can’t […]

There’s This Thing

  by Connah Brecon (Philomel, 2014) I fell hard for this book. Heart-itching, squeal-worthy, big time bulging-eyeballs-love. The title is perfect, right? An ode to the impossibility of putting all of the teensy intricacies of a crush into words. A girl. A hunt. But she doesn’t really know how to grasp this thing. Because it’s all […]

Just One Apple

by Janosch (NorthSouth, 2014; originally published 1965 in Switzerland as Das Apfelmänchenn.) I love a good pen name, and Janosch has one. His real name is Horst Eckert, and he is one of Germany’s most beloved children’s book authors and illustrators. He was new to me until NorthSouth revived this classic in late 2014. I’m […]


by Yann and Gwendal Le Bec (Flying Eye Books, 2015) I’m a big fan of Flying Eye Books. They put out a list that’s so unique and unusual and weird and beautiful. This guy comes out in April of this year, and I tend to not write about things before you can get them at […]

Sebastian and the Balloon

by Philip Stead (Roaring Book Press, 2014) This boy. This book. We know Philip Stead can tell a story. Even his Number Five Bus interview series (with wife and creative partner Erin and ‘potentially interesting interactions with fellow book people’) is like a bowl of chicken noodle soup and a blanket. Here’s what I love about this book. That […]

Wonderment: The Lisbeth Zwerger Collection

by Lisbeth Zwerger (NorthSouth, 2014) Happy New Year, book people! I went dark over the holidays to rewrite a draft of a novel, one I hope to be able to tell you about soon! I missed this little patch of space on the internet, and I’m excited about some new things for this blog in […]

I Know a Lot of Things

by Ann and Paul Rand (Chronicle Books, 2009; originially published in 1956.) You might remember how much I love this pair’s Sparkle and Spin, and this one is just as playful and just as true. That case cover surprise is an a delight, and complementary-colored endpapers start this book with a bang. Paul Rand’s graphic genius […]


by Isao Sasaki (Viking, 1982) I’m not too sure if this book is still in print or not, but I snagged it at a used bookstore in Seattle once upon a long time ago. It was the best six bucks I spent in the entire city. Maybe the best six bucks ever. This book felt […]

The Promise

by Nicola Davies and Laura Carlin (Candlewick, 2014) The Promise is on this year’s New York Times Best Illustrated Books list and I’m so glad it captured a spot. I imagine weeping and gnashing of teeth to pare down a year into a handful of notables, but they got this one so right. Here you have […]