Baby Journal: The Story of…


by Yasmin Smail

{published 2013, by Cicada Books}

A small departure from picture books on this blog, making room for a book celebrating tiny arrivals! If you visit the online home of Cicada Books, you might have to do some jaw-lifting. Their eye towards the visual is a unique voice, and their books reflect that.

And please. Stop a while at the Discovering Kings Cross pop-up book, cause whoa.


But this one! In this world of pinning and Instagramming and having cameras on our darn eyeglasses, do you think the physical art of baby book-making is dying?

I don’t know. But if I had a baby, this is how I would want to scrapbook all of their bitty things. Tangible! Messy! Lovely and dear.


Baby Journal is just that. A compact home for all of your firsts with a little love.

There are pages for filling in, pages with recipes and lullabies, and pages with pockets for anything you want to add. It’s bound with an elastic strap, so all of the special things stay tucked inside.


For handwriting? Or mini-pictures? Or thumbprints? It’s up to you.

BabyJournal_300113-25Yasmin Smail’s gorgeous colors and textures will beautifully frame the story of yours. Such a treasure!


(I know. Adorable.) BabyJournal_300113-53 BabyJournal_300113-45       BabyJournal_300113-5

Baby shower coming up? Pair this with one of my favorite board books and you’ve got a fantastic gift for a new mama. Adorable analog memories!



  • tinamcho
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    How adorable is true! I loved putting together my children’s baby books. This would make an excellent gift!

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    I wasn’t going to do baby books for my kids, until my mother-in-law pulled out the one she did for my husband. It was full of forgotten moments and also hilariously loaded with “you can’t do that anymore!” things. There is something about the tangible thing you can hand to your kid … thing one is beautiful and so charming.

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    Such a great gift idea for an expectant mother! Thanks for sharing.

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    this is stunning! really really beautiful illustration.

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    Amazing *-*

    my work with illustrations:

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    lovely illustrations..
    “Let all that you do be done in love”
    Then everyone will see that love within the beauty of what you actually did … and what i can see here … is beautiful