Book-Gifting Guide: For the Design Devotee

For the young reader, the old artist, and everyone in between. Here are a couple handfuls of spined-up art museums. Some have flaps and things to flip, some have acetate papers that carefully reveal things below, some are massive, some are mini. All are spectacular.

(I’m linking each book to its respective publisher. Consider shopping at your local bookstore or Indiebound. Happy reading!)

GiftGuide2013_One 1) Pantone Color Puzzles // by Tad Carpenter  ⏐⏐ Abrams Appleseed

2) One Night, Far From Here // by Julia Wauters  ⏐⏐  Flying Eye Books

3) Walk This World // by Lotta Nieminen ⏐⏐ Big Picture Press

4) Benjamin Bear in Bright Ideas // by Philippe Coudray ⏐⏐  Toon Books

5) Jane, the Fox and Me // by Franny Britt and Isabelle Arsenault ⏐⏐  Groundwood Books

GiftGuide2013_Two 6) Maps // by Alexsandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski ⏐⏐ Big Picture Press

7) House Held Up By Trees // by Ted Kooser and Jon Klassen ⏐⏐ Candlewick Press

8) The Big Book of Art // by Hervé Tullet ⏐⏐ Phaidon

9) The Goods: Volume 1 // by McSweeney’s  ⏐⏐ Big Picture Press

10) Go: A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design // by Chip Kidd  ⏐⏐ Workman



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    Oh! This is so fun! Thank you for these great ideas. I have twin six-month-olds, still young, but we’ve been enjoying reading them a book each night (and I think they enjoy it, too!). These all look fabulous. Spined-up art museums, yes. Children’s books are the best.

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    This is twice in a row I’ve come over here and left with a Christmas present for my granddaughters! They’re going to have to build a new wing on the house at this rate :) You always have such beautiful books here! :)

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    Oh, wow–I have told my family to bookmark your site (hee, hee), but am sending the link to this particular post as a friendly nudge. 😀
    Happy holidays, and thank you for the inspiration all year long–I look forward to your wonderful posts in my inbox!!

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    Nicely done, Carter!! Great, beautiful bunches of books!

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    Lovely! Im going to go check out the Jane one right now!

  • emilylitman
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    Lovely! I am going to check out the Jane one right now!

  • Sylvia Liu
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    Love this post. Thanks for the suggestions!