Boy + Bot

words by Ame Dyckman + pictures by Dan Yaccarino

{Why yes, they ARE a match made in heaven!}

Boy + Bot is an endearing tale of friendship between a charming and unlikely duo. Their generosities to one another when the other is broken will turn you into a puddle awwwww mush on the floor.

The #spotbot crew on Twitter is probably still mopping themselves up. We ADORE this book. And darn if Ame Dyckman isn’t the most likable gal at the party!

In design, size can be used to give extra weight or value to one element versus another. If shapes on a page are too uniform in size, they compete for your attention. Think of a checkerboard. Which square do you look at? But think of the American flag. The long stripes and the smaller stars differ in size and scale, and your eye can move around that icon a bit more freely and with less confusion.

So small Boy and his much larger Bot create a dynamic duo. Boy’s bitty-ness and Bot’s bigger-ness gives an interesting visual edge to their friendship. Sure, this is slightly different than a true graphic design principle at work, but the same idea feels really satisfying in their characterization. Even on the cover, the word Boy and the word Bot nod to their sizes by using different weights of the same typeface.

Their kooky friendship fits perfectly into this comic or storyboarded style of layout. Note even here, the different sizes of illustrations on one spread.

This might be one of my favorite back covers ever. I do love the reflection, {found on this cover as well,} but come on….the barcode on Bot’s behind? Impossible not to love. Enjoy this one with your BFF.

Will you love it? “AFFIRMATIVE!”


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    I have yet to see BOY+BOT in full, but I have to add a comment on size and changing ‘pace’ with the illustration format from page to page. Some books keep the size view and format the same from page to page without letting it become as boring as a checkerboard, like Geisert’s pig books. As I don’t have any at hand I can only recall that they stay pretty much the same but the energy transpires from the story ‘read’ in the compositions.

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    Julie! You are a genius.

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    Sorry, just can’t keep my mouth shut! Love your blog, look forward to each and every post!

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    Remember?! Besties.

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    Love this post because Ame had said she imagined Boy & Bot being the SAME SIZE and was surprised when Dan made Bot BIG. Now we know why! Thanks, Carter!

  • Posted June 5, 2012 at 11:31 am | Permalink

    Tara! That is AMAZING insider info:) How fascinating! I hope you’ll have some behind-the-scenes tidbits on your books to share. So cool.