Don’t Squish The Sasquatch

words by Kent Redeker, pictures by Bob Staake

This book came in the mail in a box from my beau.

I tweeted this the other day: Some boys buy their girls flowers, chocolate, or fancy purses. Mine buys picture books.

Coolest endpapers ever? That’s saying a lot, since I’m a bit kookoo for them, but just look at that sasquatch. His spindly legs and arms, a dapper bow tie, and that hat especially…that hat kills me. Cool that he’s looking towards the right, right? Since that’s the direction we read and move through the book? Cool.

And the setup. All this suave sasquatch wants is to ride Mr. Blobule’s bus. Without being squished.

And after his introduction on the endpapers, and the spread with the setup…then we get to the title page. So unusual! So interesting.

Have you ever taken a photo of the horizon at sunset or sunrise? Maybe you even get all fancy with your composition and use the rule of thirds? Horizontal lines are calming, stable, restful.

But diagonal lines?

They suggest movement and action, and the frantic call of DON’T SQUISH THE SASQUATCH has a lot of extra oomph in these illustrations.

His arms are flailing and his teeth are tilting and the buildings are slanted. All of those diagonal lines add depth and interest to the picture. And below, even Mr. Blobule’s bus is bouncing towards one side. Action and movement, packed into pictures, wrapped in the battle cry of DON’T SQUISH THE SASQUATCH!

I love this book. So will there be squishing? Or something else?


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    MAYHEM! I love it.

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    Inter-library-loaning this one ASAP. Looks amazing! Thanks for the rec, Carter!

  • tinamcho
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    This looks fun. Thanks for sharing, Carter. And how neat your beau buys you pb’s!! I should hint that to my husband!

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    Wow,, I think this is an interesting book
    especially seen from the title and the picture

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    Hi Carter – your man sounds like a keeper, and this book looks fabulous! I love the fact that the sasquatch is dressed in a suit and bow tie. Because, well, why wouldn’t he be?

  • danacarey1
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    Not only did your beau send you a book, he chose a great one. Fun stuff and as always, I love your way of dissecting it for us, Carter.

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    Awesome beau :) This book looks delightful. I love the color and action and the cry of “Don’t squish the sasquatch!” I’m going to have to find this one :)

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    This Title is so much fun to say! I hadn’t heard of this book, so thanks for sharing!

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    Hmm…I just have to know what sort of craeture the bus driver is! Starfish?

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    I just saw this book on the Cybils nomination list. What a fun, silly book. Will have to find this one. Thanks for the review. Looks like you have got a keeper. 😉

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    This is going to make my little daughter very very happy — right now she is totally into all things Bigfoot and Yeti related…???

    Also, getting books as a gifts (good ones :) is the raddest thing ever!

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    Ha! What cool things to be into!

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    How cute! I am going to have to read this one. Thanks for your insight!

    How fun to get books as gifts! What a great guy!

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    Love, love, LOVE Bob Staake!