Duck! Rabbit!

It’s a rainy morning in beautiful downtown Burbank. (I hopped over to YouTube to find a clip of Johnny Carson’s description of “beautiful downtown Burbank,” and realized Burbank is named after a dentist?!! A dentist? Ew.)

Anyway, it’s a morning perfect for a second cup of coffee, NFL RedZone, and slippers from a hotel in Bangalore. (My boyfriend went to India and all I got were these paper slippers.)

(I love parentheses this morning apparently.)


Are you following all of the excitement of Picture Book Month? Just checking.

Anyway, AGAIN.

This book:

Based on this illusion:

is. so. much. fun. Written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld, Duck! Rabbit! is a delightful volley of ‘Which is it?!’ What a dream team…I’d love to be their third wheel!


This book is funny and clever and brain-stretching, as it asks its young reader to consider perspective and multiple possibilities of reading a singular image. The dialog between two pals happens on either side of the gutter, clearly defining who says what as they attempt to convince the other that it’s a duck. Or a rabbit.

Because the book is a square, it opens as a long and short rectangle, perfect for framing the duck/rabbit. Smart, smart choice of book design.

And whatever his intention, I just love the way Tom Lichtenfeld kept each spread contained within that thick black border, the same thickness as the line outlining the duck/rabbit.

So. What is it? A duck? Or a rabbit?

I’m going with a ruck. Or dabbit.

PS–Check out this cute trailer for Duck! Rabbit!

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