This book is lame.

You absolutely do not want to add it to your library.

I am not one single bit of a goofball.

Wait, what?

by Janik Coat

Opposite Day, clearly.

But really? This book is SO AMAZING I WANT TO SHOUT OUT FROM THIS DUSTY VALLEY AND GO PET A HIPPO! AND KEEP SCREAMING! It’s cool to carry a board book around with your wallet and lipstick and iPhone right? Even when you have no kids?!

So this delightful little board book has a big concept, and that alone shouts contrast. Contrast just-plain-old refers to when two elements are different. Each spread of Hippopposites showcases two things that are opposites, beginning with small and large.

Too obvious? How about full and empty?

Or opaque and transparent?

And a tactile soft and rough.

My jaw dropped when I saw the very clever front and side. {No spoiler. Trust me on this one.}

I probably overuse the word ‘brilliant’ on this blog, but seriously…this just is. The bulbous red hippo with his two beady black eyes has zest and a dazzling personality. He’s a charmer. And irresistible. {Definitely not opposite descriptions.}

You definitely do not want this book.


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    I definitely do not want to read this book. I didn’t enjoy your blog about it. Haha! Of course that was a hippopposite! What a brilliant idea!

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    Do not read it. Warning.

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    I’m rather in love with this book already. =) I certainly won’t go find it.

    Your blog is delightful. I love picture books. I used to read them consistently when I worked at a library, and I still own all of mine from childhood. I’ll be checking back. This just puts me in an all around good mood.

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    I am very sorry you found your way here today…hope you won’t enjoy your stay:)

    Thanks for coming by! You have definitely found a picture book partner in crime here.

  • Christie Wright Wild
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    Looks really great for 0-4 year olds. LOVE the title alone!

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    Julie. Amazing. You know in my brain we are besties, right?

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    right after posting I was afraid it might be too much if you have littl’uns following your blog! So go ahead and delete if you need to – kindred spirit!

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    I just don’t get why Lindgren’s books are not as popular here as in Europe!

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    Your blog is very informative! I love seeing different kids books since I’m interested in Children’s book illustration. Plus, I work at a book store so your blog gives me an idea of what books to recommend to customers. :)

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    Awesome! I love a good book store:)

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