Huff & Puff

Some girls love Ryan Gosling, I crush on Abrams Books. (Hippopposites?…Abrams!)

When I read this post, all I could muster in the comments section was, “WOW.” Seriously. Scroll down, that’s all I could say.

{Fun fact: Chad Beckerman, who wrote that post and designed Huff & Puff, also designed another favorite, Iggy Peck: Architect. And his blog is fascinating, so definitely have a look at his spot online.}

Colombian author and illustrator Claudia Rueda created Huff & Puff, and her work is so vivid and sweet.

These aren’t the three little pigs you’ve heard about before. Without being too spoiler-y, you learn a lot about them on this page prior to the title page.

Intrigued? Good.

In addition to the satisfying twist on these three little pigs, Huff & Puff is entirely interactive. Its design helps quite a bit with that, and your role is hinted at on the cover itself.

{Side note: my current circle obsession is CLEARLY seen in the trailer I recently created for Gwendolyn Heasley‘s A Long Way From You.}

Anyway. YOU get to be the wolf, huffing and puffing through circular cutouts in the pages.

Those poor pigs. Especially the first two. You know the story. But not this one:

Even their snouts are cute little circles! Such a clever way to use shape as a unifying element throughout the design of the book, right?