Me Want Pet

Me love Tammi Sauer.

Me love Bob Shea.

You love book now.

Cave Boy had lots of things.



A club.

But no pet.

“Me sad,” said Cave Boy. “Want pet.”

Me love colors. Desaturated. Dusty. Me feel like part of family.

Me love lines. Animated. Anxious. Me love boldness.

Me love endpapers. Me draw bad. Bob Shea draw like caveman.

Me want read again. Again. Again. OOGA!


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    This one daughter preschool class favorite. They want ME WANT PET! They go “ACHOO-GA” all day.

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    You say, “Bless YOUU-GA!”

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    Poor Wooly! Thanks Carter

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    My son just finished Ook and Gluk and is now familar with “Cavemonics” … he was so excited to see this post. Great work!

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    Thanks for the inside peek, Carter. Fun stuff.