Open This Little Book

OpenThisLittleBook_coverwritten by Jesse Klausmeier, illustrated by Suzy Lee

{published 2013, by Chronicle Books}Did you see that teensy update on my bio over there? I took out the former, cause I’m back to the library, y’all. It’s such a dream. My natural habitat. I see students for the first time next week, and have been anxious to share this with the littlest. I want it to be our signature story, the one that represents what we do together – opening book after book after book.

I’m also trying to figure out how to recreate this thing as a bulletin board. The engineering and the math and the genius and whoa. Stay tuned.

Check it out in action:

breaker Jesse Klausmeier dedicated this to Levar Burton, which is especially sweet given that this little book is a real love letter to books everywhere. Color distinguishes each character’s little book. Distinct and vibrant, belonging to each reader.Shape and scale do, too, and not in the most obvious way. The first character we meet is Ladybug. She’s in a red book, reading a green book. And inside the green book is Frog, who opens an orange book.

So, the bigger the character, the smaller the book!And that’s what causes a bit of sticky situation when it’s time for a Giant to join the fun.Oh, and the texture! There’s a vintage and well-loved appearance to the pages. It feels like a book that’s already been well-loved and flipped through so many times. Such a small choice, such big heart behind it.

This book’s design is a frame that allows the connectedness of story and readers to shine. I bet you won’t be able to stop opening and closing this little book. It’s


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    Oh I love this I must buy it!

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    Oh, Carter! I’ve got to run out and buy this one right away…thank you! And congratulations on being back in the library. Working with kids in the library is heaven on earth…hugs to you.

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    Sounds like a great book, and congrats on getting back into the library! Great post!

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    Love the colors, such a neat idea for little books all in one. Have fun on your first day back in the library.

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    Wow, thanks for posting about this one! It looks like so much fun! By the way, I’m trying to expand my PB collection, and your blog has been such a great resource :) Congrats on becoming a librarian again~ the kids are lucky to have you!

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    This is such a fun book. I’ve read it and it is so clever. I don’t know who I’m more excited for…you or the students who will benefit by having an all-out book lover for their librarian.

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    You share such unique and creative books. You really must enjoy helping children find the right book.

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    You + library = lucky kids. Congrats!

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    So simple, so clever!

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    Arrrgh! Another book I wish I had created and now have to buy!!! Carter, you and you blog cost me so much money and cause me so much enjoyment.

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    I’ve read this book, and it’s so clever and adorable! I can’t imagine a child not enjoying the concept.

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    This looks absolutely adorable. I’m off to check if my library has it…

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