Pantone Colors

Ok. So for those of you that are wondering ‘what the heck is Pantone?’ Check out this post from Abrams, the publisher.

And for those of you that are geeking out about this book? You are my people.

The obvious design consideration most at play here is color…and what a celebration!

But back to ‘what the heck is Pantone?!!’ The Pantone Management System is used primarily in the print industry, (but also in paint and fabric) and this color space assures colors are standardized and matched. Even though I live in RGB color world (think computer screen, not print), I get a little giddy over names like French Roast, Pink Flambé, and the 2012 color of the year, Tangerine Tango. Truth.

So I’ve been eyeing this book for months and finally snatched it up at bbgb Tales For Kids in Richmond, VA.

This board book is a beautiful introduction into the subtleties of color, the shades and tints, and the rich, descriptive names. And it’s just plain fun.

Kudos to Abrams and Pantone! You’ve delighted this color fan.


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    OMG…..what I would not have given for this book as a child. Or as an adult, for that matter!! WHY DID I NOT THINK OF THIS?????

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    …have just bought it. 🙂

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    One of the biggest downsides to living in Italy is that there are no free paint chips. AND the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any great distinction between shades of color – purple is purple and yellow is yellow. I am always saying, no it’s not YELLOW, it’s more like…the first light of dawn. Ha!

    This is amazing! Not only am I teaching the kids colors right now, but I’ll also have a new house to decorate in a few months. I am taking this to the paint store! Thanks, Carter (and Pantone!).

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    me too me toooo! I want!

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    COOL! Geeking out here.

  • Suellen
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    What fun!! Thank you, Carter.

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    Peachy keen!

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    HA! I get it!

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    Did you see the cute mini-board books that they did for individual colors? OMG! so adorable.

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    This book is genius!

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    I was just thinking, my girls need more board books. This looks like a munch worthy book! Must go get it now!

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    I just saw this post. What a gorgeous book! I will definitely look for it. At my first job, I was so envious of the graphic designers who had the Pantone color swatch books. I’d sometimes “borrow” the books, just to feast on those colors.

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    Yes! Those books are better than wallpaper swatches!

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