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And check out Herve Tullet’s website here. You might be slightly more successful if you can read French, but everyone can read pretty pictures, and you’ll see plenty. He’s an art agency director and magazine illustrator, and has some very interesting and beautiful work over there.

Ready?  Press here and turn the page.

I picked up this book at my very last Borders trip. I kinda feel sorry for the suckers that didn’t know such a gem was still on the picked over shelves. My win. But I first heard about this book at the SCBWI conference in LA this summer, and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.  See, that’s funny, because this is an interactive book that is so cleverly crafted.  It’s a bit of a sarcastic nod to the app-crazy-device-central-constantly-multitouching world in which we live.  And beyond that, it’s just a quirky book that celebrates imagination and exploration.  It all begins with a yellow dot.  Your job is to press it, tap it, shake the book, and see what happens.  Every page turn reveals the result of your pressing, tapping, and shaking.  So brilliant.


A visual harmony is created when identical images are repeated. Repetition can create focus, enforce a theme, or purely act as a structured or whimsical motif.  In Press Here, the dot multiplies with various actions, and is repeated on each page throughout the book.  They are always in visual agreement with each other, and become the story themselves. The dots’ color and size echo the repetition. They are always red, yellow, and blue, and they are always relatively the same size.  Yet always, on each page, the layout is dynamic and engaging.

This is such a fun book!  So fresh and magical and you should probably go get your hands on it.  Like now.

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