Sophie’s Fish

by A.E. Cannon (who loves Cheetos and Oreos!) and Lee White (who loves to bike, I think?!)

I really think artists might be some of the coolest people out there. (Some might say just plain ‘out there,’ but that’s neither here nor there. Nor anywhere.)

What? Where were we?!

When I saw Lee’s illustrations come through my email inbox, I seriously got whiplash from how fast my jaw hit the floor. His art has a charm that swept me off my feet and rendered me speechless for a moment or two.

Not a usual occurrence.

Sophie’s Fish explores all the things that just might happen if you get asked to babysit a fish. Hysterical. Hysterical!

The compositions are gorgeous. The textures leap off the page. The colors are snappy but soft. The whole thing? Is perfect.

Like this spread…

The sidewalk creates intersecting and interesting lines which gives such life and movement to this one still picture. And from an overhead perspective even! So cool. And those dreamy, complementary colors.

Or this one…the DING DONG page!

Don’t those layered textures make you think you could just reach out and touch it?! The crumpled rug, the splintered door, and that calm, but rough sky. I LOVE THIS SPREAD.

Did you hear me?! (One of those non-speechless moments!) This book is a gem. A winner. A beautiful piece of art.

You owe it to your imagination to sit a while with this one.


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    Oh, I have to definitely check this one out! I also love the perspective of that sidewalk illustration. I mean, who would’ve thunk it from the text? The color palette and childlike charm just OOZE.

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    I too am completely swept off my feet by these incredibly beautiful illustrations.. Gorgeous compositions!

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    We had this one out from the library a few months ago and read it over and over. Carter, I love your focus on the visual elements because I’m always so focused on the text and story that I sometimes barely see the pictures. In this one, it was the twist at the end that really made this story stand out for me. Thanks for calling my attention back to the pictures (it is a PICTURE book after all!) They are gorgeous.

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    Enjoyed reading as usual.

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    Is that watercolor? The illustrations are beautiful.

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    I think so! I know he uses a combination of watercolor, ink, collage, and digital…so…yes!?

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    Yep. We have the same taste, great taste that is – loved this one too!

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    We do!!

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    Yes I loved the illustrations on this one and such a cute story, thanks Carter!

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    I’ll definitely check this one out to add to our library collection.

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    Lucky library people!

  • tinamcho
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    What a fun book and premise! Thanks for alerting me to it!

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    You’re welcome!

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    I love the style of this- so current.

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    Wonderful illustrations.

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    Thanks Carter for the review and thanks for the comments everybody! I had a great time illustrating this book. I’m so glad you like it. : )

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    Thanks for hanging out with us here, Lee! You have a new posse of peeps.

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    I’m in love with the Ding-Dong page! The book looks delightful and one that I need to pick up ASAP!

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    I loved Lee’s work, too! He’s absolutely one of the best. Glad my editor Catherine Frank had the vision to bring him onto the project. Great blog post!

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    Oh yay, hi! Your words were PERFECTION! Thanks for being here!

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