Sweet and Shorts: Fitz Fitzpatrick and Storypanda

timmytompkins_01 timmytompkins_03 You’d think a combination career in books and motion graphics would make me an expert at digital storytellling platforms, right?! So wrong. My friend Julie Hedlund is that expert, though, and I’m so looking forward to learning from her brilliance at SCBWI LA next weekend. (Are you going?)


This story app from Fitz Fitzpatrick and Storypanda made my eyeballs do that cartoony thing where they bulge out and bounce back in. Timmy Tompkins Awesome Fantasy Comic Book Superhero Adventure is a rowdy read. And hear and play and write-for-yourself, for that matter. It’s a perfect mashup for the senses, and its clean design and bold typography is just plain perfect.

Add this one to your swiping rotation! Timmy Tompkins is a welcome relief from crushing candy and birds with a grudge. He’s a sweet story wrapped up in superhero oomph, striking pictures, and slick interaction. You can find it here. timmytompkins_04 timmytompkins_05 Fitz also write a great piece on typography this week. It’s a perfect extension of our chat on Matt Luckhurst’s typography in Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox: The Great Pancake Adventure. Perhaps talented type designers also love super long book titles? Something to study.

Happy weekending!



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    Looks super cute! Thanks for the links :)

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    Again typography rocks! I just read “Raising Sweetness” by Diane Stanley and G. Brian Karas, and had the impression it was full of typographical effect. Looking back, I see that it’s mostly in the illustrations (the text type is somewhat normal font) but the effect of old western-type print on posters, signs, etc. throughout the illustrations gave the book that special flavor that only words in certain fonts can.

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    Ooooh, good one!