Sweet and Shorts: Lost My Name

Image 3One of the things I love about keeping this blog is the crazy creative people who share things with me. I’m looking at you, crazy creative people.

Asi Sharabi emailed me about Lost My Name, a labor of love created by three dads and an uncle. And in his words, it beat putting up wonky looking shelves. And in my words, I’d say the results are way more meaningful.

You can personalize your book for any name, and the book will follow that little boy or little girl who has lost it. Meaning Asi and his crew created a near infinite combination of story possibilities. Kind of an impressive undertaking, no?

He said, “Of course, we had to write a lot of stories, for each letter of the alphabet and then some. And they all needed beautiful illustrations (over 150). Then we had to come up with the technology to make it all happen, and find a printer who could handle it. So, a bit more ambitious than putting up a wonky shelf. But the results are, we think, rather wonderful.”Image 2Image 4 Image 1 Agreed. Check out their feature in the Guardian for a closer look at these treats. I love the concept, and I love the heart. breaker MoreToRead

I always say this, but my last couple Design Mom posts are some of my favorites. Remember The Little House? How about a look at On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein?

Also this week, I added a ‘How I Got My Agent’ story to the kidlit-writer-y-sphere. It’s in Julie Hedlund’s blog series, and what an honor to be there! I adore reading stories of hard work and success, and hope my addition to that canon is encouraging. ch


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    Carter–I read your posting about getting your agent. Nice of you to share this! Also, did you get a copy of DOZENS OF COUSINS (illus. by David Catrow)? If not, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. S.

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    Hi Shutta! I read about DOZENS OF COUSINS somewhere – Betsy Bird maybe? It sounds awesome! And big huge yay for David Catrow! His pictures in STAND TALL, MOLLY LOU MELON are some of my all time favorites. I’d love to see it!

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    What a great concept for a book. It sounds labor intensive, but the result is great for a child. Love that three men were involved in its creation!

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    I know! So sweet. And the longer the name, the longer the book!

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    Checked out their website. Thanks so much for sharing, Carter.

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    This is such a wonderful book idea. My youngest has “changed her name” twice this week. This would be such a great gift for her right now.

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    Ha! That is adorable!

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    What an excellent idea!! Thanks for sharing!

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    Thank you Carter, for your support, it means a lot to us

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    Wow, that is SO cool! Hrm, I think I need to get this for somebody…

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    haha.. I love your comment! ‘the longer the name, the longer the book’ ….

    Seems so impressive to work on an illustrative book with such enthusiasm!! I am a lousy writer but I know exactly how fun it is to be devoted to something you love!! Will love to read more of your work….