Moon: A Cover Reveal


by Alison Oliver (Clarion Books, April 17, 2018)

I’ve been a fan of Alison Oliver’s work for a long time. (Proof.) And now, look at this stunning cover of her debut as both author and illustrator. Gorgeous, right?

I asked Alison to tell me a little about Moon, and here’s what she said:

Moon is a story about a little girl with too much to do. She wonders what it would be like without chores and homework and lessons. What it would be like if she could be herself. Late one night, Moon meets Wolf and goes on an adventure to the Great Forest where Wolf teachers her all the wolfy ways—pouncing, playing, hiding but also, stillness. In that stillness Moon finds her true self—and that is wild!

From the publisher:

Like most children, Moon has a busy life. School is followed by homework, followed by piano practice, followed by chores; and the next day it all begins again. And then, one night, she meets a wolf.  This wolf takes her to the forest, away from the endless round of things-to-do. In the forest Moon learns to howl, to hide, to be still, and how to be wild.  And in that, she learns what it’s like to be free.

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Alice In Wonderland

by Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver

If you’re nursing a Halloween hangover, try this eye candy instead. (Too easy?!)


Confectionary colors, a delight on the eyes.

So obviously then, a beautiful celebration of hue. And all wrapped around the familiar story of Alice In Wonderland.

Ha! Bitty black patent leathers sticking out of the rabbit hole!

Such a powerful combination of shapes, patters, and texture, filled in with a dazzling palette.

I do love this. Can’t wait to grab the other Babylit books, either!

Baby shower coming up? Or just looking for a pretty book to ooh and ahh over? This is it.

As Alice said…

“And what is the use of a book,” thought Alice, “without pictures or conversation?”