Listen! Listen!


by Ann and Paul Rand (reissued by Princeton Architectural Press, 2016)

I’m a big fan of these two, a creative powerhouse of a family. I’ve written about their books before, here and here.

This one is worth a look. And now, thanks to Princeton Architectural Press, you can get your hands on it once again.

It’s a look at that funny relationship between sound and color and how they swing around one another. Bold and dazzling and so very interesting, all captured here in this picture book.

Here’s a peek:

page7 page8

The spread below stops me to smile. You have to tilt the book ninety degrees, unusual for the traditional page turn. And the sound of snow? Quiet, and yet powerful enough to hear. Pretty neat.


A tender reminder to do a little more listening on all of our days, especially this time of year.


Thanks to Princeton Architectural Press for the images in this post.