Bruno Munari’s Zoo

{Bruno Munari’s Zoo, originally printed in 1963}

Every single day people find this blog by searching Bruno Munari. You people have stellar taste. How about a look at this one?

This book is interesting and mysterious before the words of the story even begin.

Flamingos know they are beautiful and strange, and play at symmetry.

Your little one will love the trip to the zoo, and you will be drawn into Munari’s concise and clever language. But don’t miss his other intricate details. Flamingos ‘play at symmetry’ in the picture as well; the spread is balanced symmetrically down the vertical axis.

Each animal has a role in the zoo community, and each one is unique. How about the protective elephant? The zebra in striped pajamas? Or the camel with an extra seat for you?

Bruno Munari’s excellent command of color punctuates his quirky descriptions. A desaturated, moody color palette would obviously not tell the animals’ stories as successfully as bold, bright, and splashy colors.

{The owls’ eyeballs are a HOOT, huh?}

A peek underneath the cover flap reveals surprise runaways. I like to think they are breaking in to the zoo to frolic with their animal buddies. Why? Flip through Zoo’s pages…you won’t find a spread not graced by their flutters. I promise…check back through the pictures on this very post!

Bruno Munari was original, refreshing, and engaging. He created stunning works of art for children and anyone else that enjoys pretty pictures.


  • Posted January 28, 2012 at 2:42 pm | Permalink

    Anything to do with a zoo is so fun! I love it! And the pictures are spectacular. So colorful!

  • Posted January 29, 2012 at 4:44 am | Permalink

    As Leigh mentioned, zoo books are fun :])

    I agree, Carter, the owls’ expressions are a hoot!

    Birds in the tree is my favorite layout on many levels.
    The colors pop off the page.
    I feel it the most thought provoking of all spreads. It lends itself to many convos (colors, counting, birds species, etc) Child’s age pending, possibly a convo on why they think the odd bird out is doing what it is doing. Or, even what the bird may be thinking/saying.
    The Macaw haning upside down evokes the image of a free-spirt for me. (Yep, it made me giggle!)
    A few fun dialogue/inner monologues it evokes:
    “That’s one BIG beek you have.”
    (“Does this make my butt look big?”)
    “Whoa!” (as it views the world at this angle)

    Bruno is a gifted artist! Butterflies on each layout are a nice touch. The only thing I feel he could have done differently are the eyes on a few of the characters. The Flamingos’ for sure need to have the whites of the eyes dotted with black. Porcupine looks as if missing that feature also. Crows too.

    Concise and clever langauge with brillant artwork ~ it’s a winner!

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    Lori! Such a thoughtful comment, thank you! I love that spread with the birds, too. It kind of reminds me of that one page in Go, Dog. Go! when you see all the dogs at the dog party. Crazy? Maybe.
    You’re right, definitely a winner!