Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History


by Vashti Harrison (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2017)

If you spend any time in kids’ books or illustration circles on Instagram, you may remember Vashti Harrison’s brilliant project last February: an illustrated series of remarkable black women. She posted once a day during Black History Month of 2017, and it was such a remarkable project, perfect for a book, that here we are. (Aren’t we lucky?)

You can find all of the original little leaders from Instagram here.

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The leaders in this book are both familiar and unsung. Each page is accessible, celebratory, and just plain lovely.

Today is its book birthday, and this volume of extraordinary women would make a great holiday gift for any little leader in your life. There’s something especially powerful about seeing them as young people–we learn how their stories end, grateful for their contributions. How exciting then, to be a young reader of this book, knowing that the whole world is waiting for their work?

Bold, yes.


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