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This book hits shelves in less than a month, and I cannot wait for you to see this small gift Lucy and I have made for you. And for your kids! Your teacher! Your best friend! This book is perfect for anyone you love, truly.

Over the weekend, on Small Business Saturday, I spend a couple hours at one of my favorite indie bookstores, giving out book recommendations and helping customers browse. It was such fun! I hand-sold Who Was Alexander Hamilton? and Race to the Bottom of the Sea, talked with a kid about the Wonder movie. The best part was seeing a family from my school, and the dad asking me if it was in my life contract to never be more than five feet from a book.

Pretty much.

This magical store? Diesel, a Bookstore–right in the heart of the Brentwood Country Mart here in Los Angeles. It’s a great stop if you are in the area, but if you aren’t, here’s something I’m so excited to offer: signed and personalized books, shipped straight to you!

Click here to preorder This Is Not a Valentine.

Click here to preorder Everything You Need for a Treehouse.


Preorders are very helpful for authors, but even better, you get an unexpected surprise in the mail when the books are ready. Everyone loves surprise book mail, right?

Happy (in just a few weeks and just a few months) reading!


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    Wow, cannot wait to read these books ~~~